Physician Sourcing Solutions is a multi-disciplinary, skilled and successful organization focused on delivering the right candidate to you, our clients. Understanding your needs, identifying the right candidates, working with you through the interview and selection process and finally facilitating the on-boarding of this most valuable asset is how we do business.

Success in delivering the best candidate depends on a number of key factors:

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Understanding your needs

Our first goal is to work with you to clearly identify, document and agree your needs. Our team works in collaboration with you to clearly understand your goals and culture, we work together to determine the necessary experience, skills, and leadership type that aligns most closely with your organization. Our experience helps to team with you when hiring specifications are unclear, allowing for a pragmatic outcome.

Identifying candidates

Using our extensive network, and direct sourcing we identify a number of potential candidates and review with you to insure that we are on the right track. This first review provides a simple checkpoint that allows for fine tuning the search and delivering the perfect selection. We utilize a blend of best available technology and relationship building to deliver the desired results.

Short list development

A rigorous screening of candidates including a deep dive into their capabilities, past employment and suitability for your culture and ‘fit’. This is followed by delivery of a comprehensive short list of ‘on target’ candidates tailored to your needs and requirements. This list is presented to you and the interview process is decided upon.

Interview and selection

We work closely with you to manage and facilitate the interview process, making sure that at each step of the way we are there to help the process along. When selection is complete we will engage with the new employee and yourself to assist with on-boarding, relocation or any other requirement is satisfied.

Follow up and Onboarding Support

The candidate in place is not the end of our process, we will follow up with you in the weeks and months ahead to insure everything is working smoothly and your new employee is meeting your expectations.

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